Pastoral Counseling

Become free from substance abuse, anxiety, depression, dysfunctional family cycles, irrational thoughts and destructive behaviors.

Substance & Alcohol Abuse

We specialize in helping individuals (adults & teens) in getting free from substances that are destroying our families today.  These substances include alcohol, over-dosage of legally prescribed medications, and illegal drugs (cocaine, marijuana, meth, heroin, and a host of others). Most recently teens and adults today are suffering and even dying due to the vaping epidemic. 

Depression & Anxiety

Depression causes people to feel sad, lonely, and withdrawn. See the staggering statistics on the website.  Our pastoral counselors are here to help free those who suffer from depression, anxiety, loneliness, and a host of other emotional stressors and turmoil.

Marriage & Family

So as the marriage goes, so goes the family.  Couples struggle by overstepping boundaries, miscommunication, emotional and physical infidelity, money issues, cell phones, and other technological attention grabbers. Our pastoral counselors can help you with setting your priorities back on the important things that matter, family!

Divorce Care

If you have suffered from the loss of a loved one through divorce, death, or by other means, our pastoral counselors are here to help walk you through your grief.  We dispose the myths about divorce, loss, and grief.

Other Life Issues

There are times in life when everything hurts or relationships clash. We realize that we need someone to walk with us through our difficulties. We are glad that you are here and we are very much looking forward to working with you.

Temperament Analysis Profile

Infinite Agape Ministries (I.A.M.) trusts that the Bible is the final standard of authority for the counselor. I.A.M. employs the T.A.P. (temperament analysis profile) as a vehicle for determining a client’s God-given temperament. The T.A.P. was renamed to the Arno Profile System (A.P.S.) in honor of Dr. Eugene Arno and his wife Dr. Phyllis Arno. Dr. Arno also founded the National Christian Counselors Association or the N.C.C.A. in 1983. The A.P.S. is 95.7% accurate in determining a client’s unique temperament. Infinite Agape Ministries utilizes this scientifically sound but biblical-based profiling system (method) to identify a person very nature (inborn temperament rather than his/her learned behavior (mask). Once the information has been gathered, the pastoral counselor interprets the client’s temperament in three areas. 1. Inclusion – (Social) 2. Control – (over self and desire to have over others) 3. Affection – (huger – to do not touch). Furthermore, the counselor can understand the counselee in a quicker time frame. In a nutshell, this info can look at how the E = expressed needs and R = Response needs. Here, the counselor can determine if counselee’ is trying to get their needs in ungodly way and redirect our clients to meet their needs in a godly fashion. The National Christian Counselors Association (N.C.C.A.) profiling system (A.P.S.) is 95.7% accurate because it is God inspired. This is not a self-help program. Rather this system relies on the God-given temperament and helps the counselee understand how God created them according to His Word and Spirit. Data suggest that secular counselor only have an 8% success rate as opposed to a success rate of 93% using the N.C.C.A. model (based on research with 25,000 counselees). Today, data suggest that this includes over 35,000 clients and continues to grow. After employing the A.P.S., we walk they client through the Grace Life Institute/Exchanged Life Ministries model. This model allows the counselor to discovery the root issue of the problem and help the client renew their mind on the truth that sets them free! History of Infinite Agape Ministries: A very wonderful young lady (Crystal) started a brown-bag for Him Ministry to help feed the homeless in her Galveston community and surrounding areas. Later, she renamed the Brown-bag for Him Ministry to Infinite Agape Ministries. Crystal even developed the logo. The Infinite Agape Logo is the cross of Christ, with an infinite symbol around the horizontal part of the cross and a heart in the very center of the cross. Her design created a logo conveying the infinite, endless, never-ending love of God displayed by the cross with a heart and love for all people. In 2005, Crystal was called to pursue another mission. Inspired by her heart to serve, I simply asked her if I could have the name if I promise to use and adhere to the Code of Ethics in Christian counseling. I ensured her that I am called to an even higher standard and that I would take care of this wonderful name and logo that God created through her. I have been blessed to be entrusted to on the name of Infinite Agape Ministries. Infinite Agape Ministries has recently relocated from the Bay Area of Galveston county to the Texas hill country. Infinite Agape Ministries is a full-fledged 501c3 non-profit.

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