Our Vision

Resurrection Ranch

At Resurrection Ranch, our mission is to lead people from “a self-centered life lived out of one’s own resources for a Christ-centered life lived out of His resources.”  Additionally, we desire for each individual who walks through our treatment facility to experience the abundant life Jesus Christ promised in order to experience the fruit of enriched marriages, united families, and personal healing over destructive habits and stress.

In order to accomplish this vision, we hope local churches and businesses will combine their resources, (personnel, volunteers, financial aid, etc.) to erect Resurrection Ranch.  A glimpse into Resurrection Ranch: A 25-acre facility that offers tiny homes (or trailers) for individuals who are in the process of recovering from financial hardships, divorce/separation, addiction, and other destructive behaviors. 

A foretaste of the facility Resurrection Ranch: 25-acer reserve:

•Tiny homes (only for those desiring recovery)

•Welcoming complex

•Counseling offices

•Conference room (group sessions/board meetings, etc.)

•Health/Wellness clinic

•Obstacle course & animal petting area

•Pastoral Retreat – separate area of the Ranch (BNB)

We can only do this through your generous donations. We do not receive tithes and offerings like a church. Rather, we are a separate entity that ask you to help people receive the true care they need. To give, please click on the donation button on our home page (PayPal) or you may send your check or money order to: Infinite Agape Ministries, P.O. Box 525, Marble Falls, Texas 78654.

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